YMCAs provide children under age six with critical early learning and school age kids with safe, dependable places to grow before and after school.  Our early childhood and after school programs are crucial supports for working parents and ensure that our children are classroom ready.



Infant/Toddler Care (0-3 years) 2,187
Preschool  (3-5 years) 6,670
School Age Care  (6 -12 years) 18,881
Day Camp 21,944
Resident Camp 40,660


The Y provides a supportive environment for families of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities where people can meet their health and well-being goals through exercise, nutrition, and chronic disease programs.


YMCA Members 1,598,786
Members under age 18 593,304
Members over age 65 188,089
Youth swim lessons 68,499


Part of the Y mission is to give back to our communities, and help everyone, regardless of income, be a member of the YMCA family.  From the volunteers who give their time and energy to support our mission, to the amount of scholarship we give to families who cannot afford a membership, we strive to fulfill our responsibility to our communities every day.


YMCA volunteers, which grows every year 29,656
Contributions to support the Y $29,395,445
Financial assistance Ys give to low-income families $23,581,139


At the YMCA, we’re for healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility.  Ohio YMCAs are in 165 diverse communities around the state, and serve 1.6 million Ohioans, both children and adults.

Did you know we are the largest early and out of school-time learning provider in the state?

Did you know Ohio YMCAs reach the most pre-diabetic Ohioans with the CDC-recognized evidence-based diabetes prevention program (YDPP) in the state?

And that we teach more kids how to swim than any other institution, which are lessons in safety, healthy living, and self-confidence?


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