The Ohio Alliance of YMCAs is a nonprofit association that represents the 164 YMCAs throughout Ohio.  We are a grassroots driven and governed organization that advocates and educates on behalf of the YMCAs and its mission.

We diligently monitor legislative and regulatory issues, as well as educate and advocate to policymakers concerning all of the community services YMCAs provide.  The Alliance has been involved in several key issues at the state level that directly impact YMCAs.  The Alliance worked with legislators and interested parties on concussion prevention, swimming pool inspection, and early childhood and school age legislation to ensure that YMCAs were protected and supported.

We are your statewide voice, and with that responsibility and in our work we strive to uphold the four core YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.


The Ohio Alliance of YMCAs Foundation was created to support the great work of the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs, as well as each of the 164 YMCAs in Ohio.  The Foundation is a nonprofit association that focuses on youth development opportunities, like YMCA Youth in Government, and funds administration for not only statewide YMCA initiatives, but also supports local YMCAs secure and administer grants for community work.

The Foundation is growing the Ohio YMCA Youth in Government program.  Since leading the program in 2013, we have grown from just over 100 students to over 750 in 2015.  YMCA Youth in Government is an unmatched civic engagement experience for middle and high school students that offers students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with those who hold like and opposing views.

The Foundation initiates, promotes, and sponsors programs that enable YMCAs to provide healthy living and youth development programs to their communities.  One spotlight initiative the Foundation leads is Pioneering Healthier Communities Ohio (PHC Ohio).  PHC Ohio is a collaborative of diverse statewide partners promoting policy, systems, and environmental change across the state to create fair opportunities for children to access healthy food and physical activity.  Click here to learn more.

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