Pioneering Healthier Communities Ohio Works to Improve Community Health

Pioneering Healthier Communities Ohio (PHC Ohio) works to create fair opportunities for children to access healthy food and physical activity. Our national YMCA movement is adopting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards in Y child care centers, which includes requirements around healthy beverages and food, physical activity, and screen time. Ohio’s Step Up to Quality system should recognize centers that achieve these or similar standards.

Our communities’ built environments are related directly to our communities’ health. Investing in Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets, which allow children and families the ability to walk and bike to school and throughout their communities, not only promotes health and reduces healthcare expenses, but also attracts businesses and employees to Ohio cities and towns.

Teaching Democracy to Each Generation is Youth Development

Ohio YMCA Youth in Government helps our students better understand the democratic process, both by training for and participating in a statewide conference at the Ohio Statehouse. Youth in Government has been in Ohio for over 50 years, but had stopped growing. With changes instituted by Ohio Ys, we have grown the program by over 500% in two years! In 2015 and 2016, Youth in Government will grow larger than it has ever been in the state.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of our priorities, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Beth Tsvetkoff at the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs at 614-384-2300 or 

At the YMCA, we’re for healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility. Ohio YMCAs are in 164 diverse communities around the state, and serve 1.6 million Ohioans, both children and adults.

Did you know we are the largest early and out of school-time learning provider in the state? Did you know Ohio YMCAs reach the most pre-diabetic Ohioans with the CDC-recognized evidence-based diabetes prevention program (Y-DPP) in the state? And that we teach more kids how to swim than any other institution, which are lessons in safety, healthy living, and self-confidence?

Our Young and School Age Kids Need Increased Investment to Thrive

Ohio YMCAs provide children under age six with critical, quality early learning and school age kids with safe, dependable places to grow before and after school. YMCA day camp programs also help prevent learning loss during the summer. Increased investment is necessary to ensure Kindergarten readiness and school age reading proficiency. Thousands of working parents, and their employers, rely on early education and school age programs to teach our kids and support Ohio’s workforce.

Preventing and Helping Treat Chronic Disease is Healthy Living

Healthy Living at the Y is not just about physical activity, but also about equipping our communities to prevent and fight chronic disease. The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program proves that preventing diabetes through lifestyle change is the key to success, and is working in over 75 Ohio communities.

Ohio Ys also bring LIVESTRONG® to their communities, which allows cancer survivors the opportunity to come to the Y to heal. At the Y, we believe in freely providing the gift of hope to the people in our community who are experiencing cancer.

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