At the YMCA, we’re for healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility.  Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Ohio YMCAs are in 173 diverse communities around the state, and serve over 1.6 million Ohioans, both children and adults.  The Ohio Alliance of YMCAs advocates on behalf of these Ys.

Did you know we are the single largest provider of early childhood and school age programs in the state, and the nation?  Ohio YMCAs also teach more kids how to swim than any other institution, which are lessons in safety, healthy living, and self-confidence.

We provide chronic disease testing and education through programs like the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, currently reimbursed by United Healthcare.  The Ohio Alliance of YMCAs, and individual Ys, also are part of the Pioneering Healthier Communities Ohio (PHC Ohio) collaborative.  The PHC Ohio mission is to help children and families choose a healthier path by improving physical activity and nutrition in communities and schools.